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by Max Löffler

Wed, Jan 04, 23 / James BDP

What better way to start 2023 than with a brand new poster brimming  with clever symbolism from our favourite German Max Löffler' for Herman Hesse's seminal novel ‘Demian’? 

There is none. 

Max Löffler's poster comes expertly screenprinted (8 colours including a metallic gold ink) by White Duck editions in the UK, starts at £65 from a limited edition of just 120 copies and ships next week. It will go on sale this Friday at 5pm UK time exclusively from our shop

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demian hesse max loffler black dragon press poster  

18" x 31" 8-col screenprint with gold metallic inks

300gsm Gmund Bauhaus paper
Hand numbered. Gallery stamp on the reverse
Printed by White Duck Editions
Limited Edition of 120